Sophia Emberson-Bain

Sophia is an experienced actress having appeared on high profile film and TV projects including Aquaman, Reef Break, Harrow, San Andreas and Neighbours. She is also an admitted legal practitioner and spent the last couple years balancing acting with working as a lawyer in Darwin. 

Sophia leads the presenters, bringing her sophisticated warmth and comedic balance to the team. P.S She laughs at everything.

Amy Hetherington

Amy is a Darwin-based comedian and Northern Territory ambassador. She is a well-known personality in the NT and her reputation for being the Queen of comedy is on the rise. Her name precedes her here in the NT (trust us....just ask around!).

Amy's energetic, fun and witty opinions are sought after by many. She provides her uniquely hilarious spin on topics big and small.

Thomas Mayor

Thomas is a proud Torres Strait Islander and author of two best-selling children's books. Don't let his softly spoken nature fool you into thinking he is not passionate or outspoken, because he is. And when he talks, people listen.

With years working for the Maritime Union of Australia, travelling across Australia to advance the rights of Indigenous peoples and campaigning for the Uluru Statement, Thomas brings a passionate wealth of knowledge to the show. Season 2 is his first appearance.

Sinclair Hunt NT Recap

Sinclair Hunt

Sinclair is as close to a NT local as they come! He has been working in the construction industry in Darwin for seven years and previously worked in hospitality for 12 years. A former rugby God, he is now an avid recreational fisherman. His fishing articles are published in North Australian Fishing and Outdoors magazines.


Sinclair brings relatable insight and knowledge on fishing, sport and how to have fun in the great outdoors.

Ashley Manicaros NT Recap

Ashley Manicaros

Ashley splits his work life between the public and private sectors. He is a qualified journalist with a highly developed skill set for public affairs, public issue management and strategic positioning, meaning -- he knows his stuff! Hailing from Darwin, it's no surprise he is a mad footy fan and an accredited AFL umpire in the NT football league.

Ashley imparts economic insight and provides a journalist's mindset to the team. Season 2 is his first appearance.

NT Recap25.jpg

Sarah Reuben

Sarah is a Darwin-based independent theatremaker, performer and producer extraordinaire. With multiple theatrical shows under her belt (including one she wrote, which earned the 2020 NT Literary Award), this gal has a lot of great things to say...and great timing about when to say them.

Sarah's fun and clever opinions appeal to everyone with a sense of humour. Season 2 is her first appearance.

NT Recap18.jpg

Matt Hoffman &

Damian 'Wildman' Duffy

Matt (a wildlife photographer) and Wildman (a wilderness guide) are two territory mad adventurers who will go almost anywhere and do almost anything to capture what's out there in the wild. They have even travelled to some of the world's most dangerous places to myth bust some of nature's most compelling mysteries on Discovery's Legends of the Wild


These two will challenge the presenters to see the NT differently. Each week they showcase their latest adventures. And what they get up to will surprise and educate viewers. Season 2 marks their first appearance.

Recurring guests